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When you realize | Feb 25, 2013

When you realize it was so precious for you....
And you came back for him/her....
He/She was already with someone else....
When you realize that youre heart was broken....
And you angry at his/her boyfriend/girlfriend....
Why you not protect it when you have him/her ?
Why you not listening to his/her complain ?
Why you not coming whe he/she call you ?
But the main is....
Why you not always by his/her side ?
Why you always make he/she sad ?
Why you always look at someone else ?
And you know...
Even tought he/she was already has another boyfriend/girlfirend beside you...
You will always be in his/her heart....

Cuma pingin share aja. Buat yang galau. Selamat pagi aja deh 

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